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Facing a career transition is challenging. It often brings about so many questions, emotions, and attacks to your confidence. For some, you know the resume is where you need to start, but you have no idea what the market trends are currently, how to utilize keyword optimization, and what in the world an ATS is! For others, time is your enemy and you simply don’t have the spare time, or spare mental space, to prepare yourself for the job search with everything else going on in life. And yes, there are many of you that don’t know where to begin at all. You’re not sure what career path is even possible to transition into, how to position your skills, or where to look for the right opportunities. You’re thinking to yourself, “If only someone could just tell me what I need to do.”  

Career transitions look different for everyone, and if any of the above scenarios feel familiar, then you need someone to guide you through those uncertainties. That is exactly what BDC is designed to do. As a career coach and resume writer, Alli Arney has 10+ years of experience guiding people from all industries, experience levels, and knowledge bases through a career transition and into a successful new path. Her services take advantage of her vast knowledge in human resources, recruiting, people management, organizational development, and training & development. Compiling years of experience and insight from hundreds of hiring managers she’s recruited for, Alli knows the ins and outs of what corporate companies are looking for in a resume. She is an expert with keyword optimization, applicant tracking systems, interview preparation, and career strategy. With a heart for helping people feel confident in pursuing their passions, she created Buffalo Diamond Consulting in 2018 to help guide, prepare, and position talented individuals like yourself for the next steps in your career. 

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Whether you need a basic resume update or a full rewrite, Buffalo Diamond Consulting will provide you with an impressive resume, ensuring it is optimized for ATS, current market trends, and hiring manager expectations.

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Are you not sure what direction to go in? No idea how to transition your skills into a new career or industry? We offer strategic career coaching sessions to discuss career path options and help you select the next strategic move for your career based on your financial and professional goals.

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It is our goal to not only help get your foot in the door with an impressive resume, but we want you to win in the job interview as well.  Add on a 1-hour interview coaching session to discuss answers, overcome interviewing challenges, and build your confidence to land the job you want.

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If you have worked with us in the past, and are ready to update your resume before your next transition, or would like additional versions of your resume, Buffalo Diamond Consulting is  happy to help! Let us assist you in your latest transitional needs.

Disclaimer: Our services cannot guarantee that you will be hired for a specific job and / or within a specific timeframe.  Resumes and all materials from our services are for personal use only and not for duplication or reproduction.

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